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Samsung Galaxy S9 Display,Camera or screen size |

 This is about Galaxy S9 . Samsung  has already achieved that futuristic  design that they wanted to introduce  in the first place it's literally the best  on the market as of now so you  wan't see any crazy approach with  the note 8 it's 90% based on the  Galaxy S8 family the only real new  editions are the

dual cameras and  possible stereo speakers but  Samsung has started working on the  S9 long before the note 8 I've heard  in a report that they actually named  is Galaxy S9 development project as star 1 for s9 and star 2 for Galaxy S9 Plus.Starred may indicate that Samsung is going for is full screen quad curved display on all side or four site at least to achieve maximum screen to
body ratio with almost no bezels at all. I talked about it before and a lot of people were concerned
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about you know where the front camera sensor will be just like Apple Samsung will introduce a notch top it might be even smaller than iPhone 8 ace negate to incorporate front camera features scanner and iris scanner and the rest will be just Infinity display curved on the side the side bezels already getting removed in the note 8 in Samsung will somehow get rid of bezels on the top and bottom so the north will allow sensing to go even further beyond the current infinity displays or any other upcoming displays. iPhone 8 is rumored to have the highest screen to body ratio with that notch on top but its not curved it is a flat screen same thing with the g6 and the upcoming pixel 2. All or flat

but Samsung has the edge display it really does make a difference and looks amazing when you hold it today in new report came out saying that Samsung has given orders for 5.8 inch and 6.3 inch panels Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.The size is going to be the same pretty much the same as the S8 family the report also Claims that Samsung display has received some pre specific for a 6.3-inch note 9 panel which means over Samsung 2018 flagship phone this s9 family and the note 9 will have same display sizes
Samsung Galaxy S9 Display,Camera or screen size | Samsung Galaxy S9 Display,Camera or screen size | Reviewed by Gaming World4me on July 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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