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A short introduction of Team Foxtrot; A Flying Team

The Team Foxtrot initiative was taken by members of Team Icarus, winners of the All Pakistan Design Build and Fly Competition 2018 and IMechE GIK Chapter.
Team Foxtrot

Born on 5th October 2018, the team is all set to compete in the IMechE UAS Challenge 2019 in Llanbedr, Wales. The team has set its milestone for the Highly Placed New Entrant Award and aims to finish within the Top 15 of the competition.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is holding the 5th annual Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge. Run by the Institution and a Steering Group of professional engineers, the 
Team Foxtrot

Challenge is structured to replicate a real-world unmanned aircraft system development programme, with a phased 9-month design and development process over the course of an academic year, 
culminating in the build, test, and demonstration of the UAS at a three day event on 16-18 June 2019, which will take place at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre (SAC) in Llanbedr, Wales LL45 2PX. Since its inception, the competition has grown from 12 national teams to 31 teams in 2019 consisting of UK and Overseas Universities.

Previously, teams from DHA Suffa University and NUST-PNEC represented Pakistan on this international platform.

Team Foxtrot shall represent Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute for the first time in this competition.
Stay tuned for more updates.

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